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Action Classes are 55 min long and take place each week Monday - Thursday. 

During Classes, Coaches will spend the first 5 minutes warming up and then rotate through two to three different stations/events to work on specific skills related to their level. The last 5 minutes of class are focused on exercising through fun games and challenges.  

Classes are divided up into three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. 

Bronze Classes are open to all and are great beginner classes for Girls and Boys from 5-15

Once Athletes have mastered all Bronze skills they will be placed in a Silver (intermediate) level class.


Gold Classes, like Silver, are for advanced training and to prepare girls and boys for competitive teams. 

Moving Up: At the end of each session throughout the session, Coaches will evaluate students to assess eligibility for the next level. 

Olympic Session: The last session of each season we hold our Action Olympics to showcase all the amazing skills your athlete has mastered over the year. They will receive a medal, t-shirt, and award honoring their achievements. 


pricing & Schedule

Action classes run continuously for the year, following the school year (Aug - May) and you can enroll and become a member at any time!


Once enrolled members will not need to do anything further as enrollment will automatically continue through our four yearly sessions.  Billing is charged at the start of each session for the total of that session. Session tuition is prorated for athletes that enroll during a current session.

2023-2024 session schedule

  • Fall: Aug 7th-Oct 6th | 9 Weeks

  • Winter: Oct 16th-Dec 21s | 9 Week

  • Spring: Jan 8th-March 15th | 10 Week

  • Olympic: Mar 25th-May 24th | 9 Weeks


Dates: Aug 7th - Oct 6th | 9 Weeks

Price: $179.00 | 10% for 2nd Class or Athlete

Holidays: Fall Break: Oct 7th - 16th


Dates: Oct 17th - Dec 22th | 9 Weeks

Price: $179.00 | 10% for 2nd Class or Athlete

Holidays: Thanksgiving: Nov 20-24th


Dates: Jan 8th - March 15th | 9 Weeks

Price: $179.00 | 10% for 2nd Class or Athlete

Holidays: Spring Break: Mar 18-22th


Dates: March 25th - May 24th | 9 Weeks

Price: $197.00 | 10% for 2nd Class or Athlete

Holidays: None

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