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This mini season (5 months) is a great introduction into competitive cheer for your son or daughter without a full year commitment! The Novice team will choregraph, develop, and perfect a cheer routine and then attend one local competition along with Action's other competitive cheer teams. 

Program Overview

  • Open Meeting December 9, 2022 | 6:30pm

  • 4 Month Contract - December to April

  • 2 Hours a Week

  • 1 Competition

Open Meeting 
9 Dec 22 | 6:30pm 
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In this 55 min class is perfect for those who have never tried cheerleading before or who are still at a beginner level and just want to have some fun (without competing).

These classes work motions, jumps, stunts. Ratios of 8 to 1 give coaches the ability to coach at each athlete’s level and for plenty of turns.

Fun Skills your Child will Learn: 

  • Beginner Level Jumps

  • Beginner Level Jumps

  • Beginner Level Motions 

  • Basic Tumbling 

Action cheer team pink.jpg

Join us this season!


As a competitive cheer program, we believe in creating a fun, challenging atmosphere for all athletes, while also giving you what you want... RESULTS!

Tryouts occur in May each year, but past May openings may occur.

Email us for more information about our competitive cheer program.


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