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This boys and girls preschool classes are a great way for your little one to practice and develop their motor skills through fun interactive circuits on a wide variety of equipment, all with you by their side. Our Parent & Me 45min classes are geared for kids who can walk up to 3 years old. 

Fun Skills your Child will Learn: 

  • Forward rolls with Mats

  • Seat jump of Trampoline 

  • Navigating Obstacle Courses

  • Brian Games with motion

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These 50-minute boys and girls class for 2-4-year-olds focus on developing listening and motor skills through fun games and gymnastics-inspired circuits on various equipment. The goal of this class is to teach social and listening skills, exercise independence, and coach basic balance, coordination, and fundamental gymnastics exercises. 

Fun Skills your Child will Learn: 

  • Cartwheel Motion with a Spot

  • Jumping from Springboard to Mats

  • Tuck Hang on Bars

  • Dockey Kicks (handstands)


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Your 3 - 5 year old is certainly ready to romp around at Action  and we are a ready to put that crazy enegery to good use with our fun and active circuits on a wide variety of gymnastics equipment. This pre-school class is for boys and girls who are advancing quickly and are ready to start learning basic gymnastic shapes and skills at their own pace.  

Fun Skills your Child will Learn: 

  • Glide Swings on Bars

  • Run and Hurdle 

  • Balance Beam walks and Positions

  • Combination movements on Trampoline